Hello, people of the internet. I’m AJ. Nice to meet you.

I’m a freelance games journalist from London, with bylines on Techradar, GINX TV, Gfinity, GameRevolution and Motorsport.com among others. I’ve talked gaming on Sky Sports, and previously worked as an accredited motorsport journalist and for major outlets. Have a look through my full portfolio here, and drop me a message if you wish to employ my services.

Here on my blog and my Youtube channel, I talk and make videos about topics close to my heart; mental health & autism, gaming, music and sports. And trains. I hecking like trains, me. I also do bits for Armbar Arcade alongside my buddy Nay Fitzpatrick.

In short, I’m a nerd, but not quite your standard kind of nerd.

Brew up a cuppa tea and let’s chat, shall we? 🙂