Having been a Youtuber since 2009 on Team Bombersports & BombersportsPlays, I changed things up in January 2017. I wanted to play games on Youtube; retro games, modern games, AAA games, indie games, shooters, brawlers, and indeed sim-racers – though not all the time like on BombersportsPlays. But with circumstances changing I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. Enter Nay Fitzpatrick, who had run into the same issue with his channel MegaSmashTV. Somewhere between a mutual love of retro gaming, mixed martial arts and pro wrestling, the Armbar Arcade was launched.

Current series include:

  • Let’s Play videos
  • Let’s Complete series, ft. Nay & I individually playing a game through to completion,
  • Bad Games Beatdown, ft. Nay & I teaming up to tackle some of the most hilariously atrocious games of all time,
  • Challenge Belt videos, ft. Nay & I going head-to-head to battle for the Most Prestigious Cardboard Belt In All Of Combat Sports Entertainment (TM).

New videos drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm UK time! All our videos are available to watch right here: