Motorsport101 Podcast

Motorsport101 Podcast

From January to December 2016 I was a co-host and producer on the Motorsport101 podcast, hosted and headed up by Andre Harrison. Every week we would present roundtable discussion on motorsport topics, focusing on F1, Indycar, MotoGP and Formula E, and would aim to put an entertaining, irreverent presentation on the often quite dry topics presented. I helped introduce a Patreon for the podcast which helped fund subscriptions for hosting services, and pushed for better promotion and a regular schedule as well as higher quality production. I was involved from episodes 25 through 70, at which point I had to step away due to time constraints. The podcast continues successfully to this day.

Above is a link to Episode #70, of which I was involved in the writing and planning, and a link to the complete playlist of episodes is here.



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29th April 2017

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