About Me

Hello, people of the small black box that is the internet.

My name’s AJ, currently in Version 1.0, and beta testing some improvements as we speak – hence the title.

And if you guessed that the first line of this bio was literally an IT Crowd reference, we’ll get on just fine. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, let me put the kettle on. Oh, you want to know about me and what I do? Well I guess it’s only right there in the title, so it’d be rude if I didn’t tell you.

As you may have already extrapolated, I likes to write stuff. As a freelance writer and journalist I’ve contributed to Motorsport.com, Geek Insider, GameSkinny.com, Influx Magazine, RAC Cars, Turn Eight Racing, RC Racing TV and the former Pit Lane Reporter magazine. And having started out in blogging back in 2009 on my punk fanzine News from the Front before first getting published as a roller derby op-ed writer for Lead Jammer Magazine, AJV1.com is the return to my roots. Except I’m more than just an opinionated music hack these days, reviewing free EPs and slam-dancing in pub backrooms. I blog about being a big ol’ geek, having mental health battles, collecting classic rock records, playing retro videogames, reading books and watching pro wrestling. Still writing for beer money, though.

Additionally, I’ve worked with RC Racing TV, Agenda21 Digital, Team HARD and Huayu Messenger as combination social media producer, commentator, broadcaster and audio/video person of many things. No seriously, if I’d had a nametag for those jobs I would’ve insisted that was written on it. I also achieved minor internet fame on Youtube as a stop motion animator of NASCAR toy car races and a commentator on commuters running for their trains. No seriously, I got featured on FOX Sports, WTF1 and Car Throttle. I’m taking those tenuous claims to fame to the grave. These days, I stick to vlogging and gaming with my pal Nay.

All of this has sandwiched a degree in Media Writing from the University of Greenwich, which additionally featured stints as Student Governor & President of the North West Kent College SU and the host of two shows on UoG’s award-winning Latitude Radio station. To be honest, if my life can be somewhat similar to how university was – writing about stuff I love, radio DJing, and good times with amazing people – I’ll be happy. I have happily embraced my Peter Pan aesthetic, folks.

I hope you enjoy hanging out here! If you want to chat with me, either about Stuff(TM) in general or a commission for work/a brand exercise on the blog, drop me a line on AJV1beta@gmail.com or @AJV1beta on Twitter. 🙂

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